Flames 3 – Stars 2 (SO)

23 Dec

Forgive me but sounding cynical, but although the Flames were completely out-shooting Dallas, I still thought for sure the Flames would find a way to lose this game. (Calgary ended the game, out-shooting the Stars 33-16.)

With the goalie pulled, Tanguay scored to send it into OT. After solving nothing, Tangs scored again in the shootout – which was the only goal the Flames needed to get the extra point.

But the highlight of the night had to be Iggy’s fight with Benn. I watched it a few times and still can’t see when Benn clocked Iggy up-the-eye. But Jarome bled, a lot. He got stiched up and you couldn’t even notice it when he returned late in the first period. The positive was that he was sticking up for a teammate, like Regher did later on in the game when Stajan took a good hit on the knee.

Flames won, good. But that doesn’t move them any closer to the playoffs.

  1. Zzzzzzzzz

    December 24, 2010 at 9:02 am

    I haven’t watched a game since the home loss to the Wild, and I didn’t watch this rare road win either. Tangs is definitely a small bright spot this year. Glad to see Iggy, Kipper and Reggie upping their deadline day trade value.

    Looking two years down the road, it is going to be half a decade before the Flames will be able to catch teams like the Oilers, Avalanche and Stars. Lots of young talent on those teams compared to the Flames.

    BTW, Taylor Hall scored his 11th last night, and I bet nobody in Edmonton really cares that they lost to the Kings b/c they know they will have a Cup contender in two years. The only excitment Calgary fans have now is when Iggy drops the gloves.