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Flames 3 – Stars 2 (SO)

23 Dec

Forgive me but sounding cynical, but although the Flames were completely out-shooting Dallas, I still thought for sure the Flames would find a way to lose this game. (Calgary ended the game, out-shooting the Stars 33-16.)

With the goalie pulled, Tanguay scored to send it into OT. After solving nothing, Tangs scored again in the shootout – which was the only goal the Flames needed to get the extra point.

But the highlight of the night had to be Iggy’s fight with Benn. I watched it a few times and still can’t see when Benn clocked Iggy up-the-eye. But Jarome bled, a lot. He got stiched up and you couldn’t even notice it when he returned late in the first period. The positive was that he was sticking up for a teammate, like Regher did later on in the game when Stajan took a good hit on the knee.

Flames won, good. But that doesn’t move them any closer to the playoffs.