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Blue Jackets 3 – Flames 1

22 Dec

For the third time in a row the Flames fell behind 2-0 and couldn’t recover. Actually could only manage a single goal, again. And that single goal came from Jokinen – so I’m not even sure it counts as a real one. Is it just me, or is this team no longer fun to watch? For the first time since I started watching every single game of every single season (about 15 years running now) I can say that this team is just frustrating to watch. I’m just waiting for the announcement that Feaster is taking over and the trades to start happening.

I’m not sure exactly what it is, maybe it’s because in this age of the salary cap teams no longer have the excuse that they can’t afford talent. What seems to be happening is that the level playing field has exposed bad GMs and their scouts. Gone are the days where Glen Sather could just sit behind a bench and put out Lee Fogolin and still win. Now you’ve got to suck for at least three years to get a couple top picks and have them grow a little. Pittsburgh and Chicago both did it, but then how does Detroit keep winning year after year? Only one reasonable explanation, a deal with the Robot Devil.

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