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Flames 4 – Lightning 2

08 Dec

So in keeping with the plan of only playing hockey for 40 mins/game, the Flames strung together about 25 minutes at the beginning of the game and 15 minutes at the end. There was a while there where you couldn’t help but think they were going to blow their three-goal lead.

So Moss was the odd man out last night, even though all signs pointed to Jokinen. Robb Kerr mentioned that he didn’t think any fans would think that a mistake. And he’s right. Actually we’d prefer him to sit out, I’m going to Google some Jokinen stats… hold on a sec…

So his 2 goals this year rank him 326th in the league, Anton Babchuk (our 5th defenceman) has twice as many goals this year as Jokinen does. His -5 make him tied for 606th in the league. This guy is a waste of space. Please Sutters, cut him from the team.

Other than that, it was nice to see Bourque back scoring (NHL’s 2nd star of the night) – and Iginla continue to produce. Giordano and even Regehr/Bouwmeester looked pretty good in this game. And now we are no longer in last! A few wins in a row and maybe the players will be playing well enough to be traded. I sure hope that’s the plan.

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