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Canucks 7 – Flames 2

02 Dec

You wouldn’t know it by the score, but this was a pretty good game through two periods. It’s funny because my prediction of “and the Canucks will score three unanswered goals in the third to win 6-2” wasn’t far off. Highlight of the game? When it ended.

So now I’m officially ready. Let’s do it… let’s pull the plug on this team while they are still valuable (in others’ eyes).

Here is what I want:

  • I want to keep Backlund, Bourque, Hagman, Moss and Giordano.
  • I’d trade Iginla and Glenncross for Brayden Schenn and Jack Johnson in L.A.
  • I’d trade Kiprusoff for Jacob Markstrom and Erik Gudbranson in Florida. 
  • I want to trade Jokinen for those nachos they sell with the fake cheese in the Saddledome.
  • I’d keep Kotalik and Tanguay until the draft and see what I could get (if anything) for either of them. Maybe package them together for Elisha Cuthbert? Dion probably wouldn’t go for that. Avery would have.
  • I’d let Sarich and Staios walk.
  • I’d trade Regher for Cody Hodgson, as the Canuckleheads are in need of a good defenceman.
  • Who does that leave? Matt Stajan? I’d trade him for a pick in 2012 as well. Doesn’t even matter which round, preferrably the second.

That would constitute about three years of Oiler-esque suckage. But is that so bad? For all of our so-called talent on paper, we are only one point up on the hapless Oil.