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Darryl Sutter resigns… finally!

30 Dec

And I couldn’t be more excited, I was sick and tired of watching the no-future Flames struggle to stay out of last place. It was pathetic. Let’s trade some guys, get some picks, lose some bandwagon fans, free up some tickets, and just overall have a more promising product to watch on the ice.

Here are my thoughts from Ken King’s announcement:

Darryl Sutter is stepping down as Executive VP and General Manager of the hockey club. Effective immediately, Jay Feaster has been appointed Acting General Manager and will assume full and complete responsibilities for day to day hockey operations. (Ed. This is because Sutter had an open-ended contract – so he chose when to leave. In this case I’ll bet the owners chose when it was time for him to make that choice.)

Ken King: “As we enter the next phase of our growth in the NHL, we are restructuring our leadership and processes.” (Ed. Finally! Rebuilding is a comin’)

“For the remainder of this season, Jay will be provided the opportunity to evaluate the team from the GM’s chair and build a long term plan.” (Ed. Although they won’t ever use the word ‘rebuilding’ it doesn’t get any clearer than that. Actually when they trade Kiprusoff, that’s when it will be the most clear.)


Flames 5 – Sabres 2

30 Dec

After falling behind 1-0 the Flames… oh who cares – SUTTER RESIGNED!


Flames 3 – Stars 2 (SO)

23 Dec

Forgive me but sounding cynical, but although the Flames were completely out-shooting Dallas, I still thought for sure the Flames would find a way to lose this game. (Calgary ended the game, out-shooting the Stars 33-16.)

With the goalie pulled, Tanguay scored to send it into OT. After solving nothing, Tangs scored again in the shootout – which was the only goal the Flames needed to get the extra point.

But the highlight of the night had to be Iggy’s fight with Benn. I watched it a few times and still can’t see when Benn clocked Iggy up-the-eye. But Jarome bled, a lot. He got stiched up and you couldn’t even notice it when he returned late in the first period. The positive was that he was sticking up for a teammate, like Regher did later on in the game when Stajan took a good hit on the knee.

Flames won, good. But that doesn’t move them any closer to the playoffs.


Blue Jackets 3 – Flames 1

22 Dec

For the third time in a row the Flames fell behind 2-0 and couldn’t recover. Actually could only manage a single goal, again. And that single goal came from Jokinen – so I’m not even sure it counts as a real one. Is it just me, or is this team no longer fun to watch? For the first time since I started watching every single game of every single season (about 15 years running now) I can say that this team is just frustrating to watch. I’m just waiting for the announcement that Feaster is taking over and the trades to start happening.

I’m not sure exactly what it is, maybe it’s because in this age of the salary cap teams no longer have the excuse that they can’t afford talent. What seems to be happening is that the level playing field has exposed bad GMs and their scouts. Gone are the days where Glen Sather could just sit behind a bench and put out Lee Fogolin and still win. Now you’ve got to suck for at least three years to get a couple top picks and have them grow a little. Pittsburgh and Chicago both did it, but then how does Detroit keep winning year after year? Only one reasonable explanation, a deal with the Robot Devil.


Wild 4 – Flames 1

21 Dec

So the Flames began this home/home series with the Wild one point up on them, and finish it 3 points behind them. If there ever was a glimmer of hope that the Flames might not finish 14th in the West, that hope was thoroughly crapped on last night.


Wild 3 – Flames 1

21 Dec

Anyone else shocked that we haven’t shown Darryl the door and started selling off assets while they still are assets yet?


Flames 5 – Leafs 2

16 Dec

Former Leafs 3 – former Flames 0

Phaneuf, Kessel, Orr, invisible.

Why did I think this was going to be a better game than all the rest? It was really apparent that this was one bad team playing another bad team. I couldn’t help but think that if we were playing Detroit, we would have been destroyed.

I was also surprised that the fans booed Phaneuf. Love him or hate him, he didn’t ask to be traded, he didn’t refuse to play or give you less than he is capable of. He got traded. It happens. Fans can be stupid sometimes.


Flames 3 – Blue Jackets 2 (Overtime)

14 Dec

I can’t say this too often, but that was a game that the Flames deserved to lose, yet won. See usually they deserve to lose and they do, or their opponent deserves to lose and they do, or (rarely) the Flames deserve a win and they lose. Got all that? Well, none of that happened last night.

The Flames were up by two goals early, and by some fluke held on for one point – to eventually score in overtime. So why was everyone in the ‘Dome so happy that the Flames only gained one point on a team they are trying to catch? They blew a two-goal lead for Pete’s sake!

Anyway, on to more important stuff. Matt Stajan sat for the second game in a row which can only mean one thing, he’s been traded to Boston for their second round pick in 2011.

BTW Adam Pardy has looked awful since his return from injury. I’ve also updated the current line combinations for all you poolies out there stupid enough to pick a Flame for your fantasy team.


Ducks 3 – Flames 2 (Shootout)

10 Dec

Flames actually came back from being down 2-0 in the third. Which is good, except they should have never been down by two to begin with. The pessimist in me says that of course they lost, that’s what they do… but at least they lost in a more interesting way this time. The optimist says that they outshot Anaheim nearly 2-1 (Calgary had 40 shots) and deserved to win.

But they didn’t’ win, so there you go.


Kings 2 – Flames 1

10 Dec

But don’t get excited Flames fans, it was not that close a game. The Flames scored with three minutes left in the game to make it somewhat interesting, however other than a flurry of activity for about 30 seconds, they didn’t even manage a shot in the final two minutes.

Yeah Stajan had a goal waved off, but he kicked it in so it should have been. And if it wasn’t for Kipper this would have been 4-1. Flames lose games, that’s what they do. Not only am I used to it, I expect it, and it makes the games really uninteresting to watch.

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