Flames 3 – Flyers 2 (Shootout)

26 Nov

Hmm… who was the ref on that game? Ghislain Hebert. Never heard of him. But Ghislain, along with veteran Don VanMassenhoven reffed seriously craptasticly. I can’t even complain because Calgary killed off all 6 of Philadelphia’s power plays and even scored shorthanded. But some of those calls were weak. So to those of you American fans who don’t know what the Sean Avery rule is, you should be mad at your team for not scoring when they had the chance. Serves you right for accepting Chris Pronger on your team. Man, am I ever glad Avery and Pronger are in the East – so we can play actual hockey here in the West.

The story of the game had to be Kiprusoff, he stole this game for the Flames. Also, it was great to see how excited Steve Staios got when he scored, because we all know how often that happens. I love 11:00 games on Fridays, they should do that more often.

  1. Iggy or Igin't he?

    November 27, 2010 at 8:52 am

    I thought the Sean Avery rule was don’t say anything that might hurt Dion’s and Elisha’s feelings? Oh wait, that’s the other Sean Avery rule.

    Nice to see the Flames get a break and win that extra point.

    I caught the start of the San Jose – Vangoober game last night … those two teams sure make the Flames look slow.