Rangers 2 – Flames 1

23 Nov

With the game deadlocked at 1-1 in the second period, Ryan Callahan pasted Calgary defenceman Jay Bouwmeester with a clean hit.

Moments later, Glencross retaliated with a high stick on the Rangers forward and ended up in the box for two minutes.

“I was sticking up for a teammate,” Glencross said. ‘I don’t think it was the best call. The guy put his back into me and I tried to get out of the way of him.”

<sarcasm>Kudos to Glencross for sticking up for a teammate. I hate this contact in hockey too Curtis, and when I see my teammate get rubbed against the boards like they used to do in pee-wee hockey, well that sort of thing has no place in the NHL. So that offender deserves a crosscheck to the head. Obviously. And if we get a penalty for it, so be it. If that penalty leads to the New York winning goal, well then it’s worth losing a game to try to move this game towards non-contact, one crosscheck to the head at a time. </sarcasm>

Now it would be easy for me to put the blame entirely on Glencross and his bonehead move that cost the Flames the game. So that’s what I’m going to do. Actually I’m also going to blame Mikkelson for scoring on his own net. He said “I was trying to get back. Stuff like that happens. I was trying to get back. If that pass gets over, it’s probably an empty net.”

So both Brendan and Curtis have been quoted as justifying their mistakes. How about some accountability? This is what I’d rather hear from both:

“It was a stupid way for me to overreact,” Glencross said. “If I hadn’t taken that penalty we would have had a good shot of winning that game. Or at least have found another frustrating way to lose.”


“It was a bad decision and worse luck,” Mikkelson said of laying his stick on the ice to deflect the Rangers’ first goal past Kipprusof. “Maybe I should have tried skating instead. Or in position, coach said that’d work too!”

All told the Flames played a pretty good game – but lost. Iginla scored, Kipper was great, the Flames did well without Olli and Reggie – but lost. One thing I learned on this night is that Flames Central is completely dead for games. Or at least was for this one. Now it was probably a combination of their expensive drinks, bad food, cold weather, it being a Monday night, and plus some bad hockey team’s logo was plastered everywhere. I felt bad that they were still doing the smoke and light show for the four of us that actually showed up at their bar. Ah well, nachos were good!

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