Sharks 4 – Flames 3

15 Nov

This game was frustrating to watch, like the last one. But I missed the first half of the game as I was on my way to Edmonton. It scares me to think that the Flames are only 4 points up on a team (the Oil) that gets blown out every other night and is in the second year of their rebuilding phase. That tells me that we’ve avoided rebuilding for two years for those mesely four points. We’ve missed out on first-round picks for those four points. We’ve no future, and we have four points to show for it. Sad.

  1. Iggy or Igin't he?

    November 16, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    That is depressing.

    But hey, don’t forget about our awesome prospects … there’s Backland and there’s ah …. there’s …. ah that other guy …. and hey what about the Darryl Jr. who punched out the cabby?