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Flames 3 – Wild 0

30 Nov

Well I’ve finally got this Brent Sutter system figured out, actually my dad pointed it out last night at the game. It’s similar to Darryl’s ‘dump and chase’ system with the aggressive forecheck we say about 5 years back. Brent’s system is the ‘dump and change.’ It’s where the Flames attempt to confused the opponent with errant passes in their own zone until they see an opportunity where they can dump it down the ice (without getting that dreaded icing call) and change all five skaters at their earliest convenience. It’s effective at rolling all four lines, not-so-effective at increasing your offensive zone time of possesion.

After a sad first period, the Flames did play well for the second – particularly well for 18 seconds of it – and managed to beat a team that is only slightly better than them in the standings. Kipper played as well as he needed to, although that was probably one of the easier shutouts he’s had. Next up? Vancouver.

Uh oh.

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Sutter fired? Let the rumours begin!

29 Nov

The Calgary Sun reports that a rumor surfaced Saturday night after the Flames flew home from a loss against the Pittsburgh Penguins without Darryl Sutter onboard that he had been canned. The team denies it, saying Sutter had to stay back east for some scouting.

Sutter has been with the Flames since 2002, and no word how this might effect Ron, Brent, Duane, and Brian.

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Penguins 4 – Flames 1

28 Nov

This score absolutely flattered the Pens, I can’t remember the last time I watched a game where one team just made the other look foolish. I guess I haven’t seen enough Oiler games. Boo-yeah! But really, this was like watching a 50 minute Pittsburgh power play. Kiprusoff absolutely stood on his head for this one, making 24 saves in the first period alone.

I know that they are tired, it’s the end of a brutal road trip. But the mental mistakes, not being able to make/receive passes, and just getting plain out-worked can’t be all fatigue. Some of that was just that the Flames are old and slow, and if it wasn’t for their goaltender, this could have easily been an 8-1 game.

The 24 shots Kiprusoff faced in the first period was the most shots the Penguins have had in a period since their 25 in against San Jose in 1992. And man, did their captain ever make our captain look average.

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Flames 3 – Flyers 2 (Shootout)

26 Nov

Hmm… who was the ref on that game? Ghislain Hebert. Never heard of him. But Ghislain, along with veteran Don VanMassenhoven reffed seriously craptasticly. I can’t even complain because Calgary killed off all 6 of Philadelphia’s power plays and even scored shorthanded. But some of those calls were weak. So to those of you American fans who don’t know what the Sean Avery rule is, you should be mad at your team for not scoring when they had the chance. Serves you right for accepting Chris Pronger on your team. Man, am I ever glad Avery and Pronger are in the East – so we can play actual hockey here in the West.

The story of the game had to be Kiprusoff, he stole this game for the Flames. Also, it was great to see how excited Steve Staios got when he scored, because we all know how often that happens. I love 11:00 games on Fridays, they should do that more often.


Devils 2 – Flames 2 (Shootout)

25 Nov

So the Calgary Flames lost to the New Jersey Devils, what does this mean?

  • It means that Calgary lost to one of the only three teams that are below them in the standings.
  • It means that for the rest of the year the Flames will only play 4 games against teams below them in the standings, and 57 games against teams above them.
  • It means that in the 61 games remaining, the Flames need about 78 points to expect to get the 8th and final playoff spot in the Western Conference. To get 78 points in 61 games you have to need to be 9 games above 500 – and they’re currently 3 games below 500. So unless there is a 12 game winning streak in the near future, the Flames have to play much better than 500 hockey, they have to play 700 hockey just to get the last playoff spot.
  • It means that they although everyone will tell you they are only 6 points out of a playoff spot today, there are 6 teams fighting for that one playoff spot – teams that are already ahead of the Flames in the standings.
  • It means that the time for rebuilding is now, trade them. Trade them all. Except Iginla – someone has to mentor the youngsters.

And another thing, if you’re a bad team like the Flames, wouldn’t it make more sense to play your backup against the elite teams, and your starter against the teams you have a shot at beating? That’s always bothered me.

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Rangers 2 – Flames 1

23 Nov

With the game deadlocked at 1-1 in the second period, Ryan Callahan pasted Calgary defenceman Jay Bouwmeester with a clean hit.

Moments later, Glencross retaliated with a high stick on the Rangers forward and ended up in the box for two minutes.

“I was sticking up for a teammate,” Glencross said. ‘I don’t think it was the best call. The guy put his back into me and I tried to get out of the way of him.”

<sarcasm>Kudos to Glencross for sticking up for a teammate. I hate this contact in hockey too Curtis, and when I see my teammate get rubbed against the boards like they used to do in pee-wee hockey, well that sort of thing has no place in the NHL. So that offender deserves a crosscheck to the head. Obviously. And if we get a penalty for it, so be it. If that penalty leads to the New York winning goal, well then it’s worth losing a game to try to move this game towards non-contact, one crosscheck to the head at a time. </sarcasm>

Now it would be easy for me to put the blame entirely on Glencross and his bonehead move that cost the Flames the game. So that’s what I’m going to do. Actually I’m also going to blame Mikkelson for scoring on his own net. He said “I was trying to get back. Stuff like that happens. I was trying to get back. If that pass gets over, it’s probably an empty net.”

So both Brendan and Curtis have been quoted as justifying their mistakes. How about some accountability? This is what I’d rather hear from both:

“It was a stupid way for me to overreact,” Glencross said. “If I hadn’t taken that penalty we would have had a good shot of winning that game. Or at least have found another frustrating way to lose.”


“It was a bad decision and worse luck,” Mikkelson said of laying his stick on the ice to deflect the Rangers’ first goal past Kipprusof. “Maybe I should have tried skating instead. Or in position, coach said that’d work too!”

All told the Flames played a pretty good game – but lost. Iginla scored, Kipper was great, the Flames did well without Olli and Reggie – but lost. One thing I learned on this night is that Flames Central is completely dead for games. Or at least was for this one. Now it was probably a combination of their expensive drinks, bad food, cold weather, it being a Monday night, and plus some bad hockey team’s logo was plastered everywhere. I felt bad that they were still doing the smoke and light show for the four of us that actually showed up at their bar. Ah well, nachos were good!

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Wings 5 – Flames 4 (OT)

21 Nov

I can’t believe we’re going to win this game, up by two, five minutes to go, this is great! Wait, don’t take that penalty, or that one… but wait! we’ve killed that one off, and that one! And now the puck is out of our zone with five seconds to go — we’re going to win!!! Oh crap. Two on one with 3.2 seconds to go, and Detroit scores. How do you let that happen? Giordano? He went right through you? Charlie Simmer was right, tackle that guy! There is only 5 seconds left in the game!

Of course when the Flames blew a two-goal third-period lead, then took penalty after penalty, then got scored on with 3.2 seconds left in the game… I don’t really need to add that the Red Wings scored in overtime to make this fragile team look pathetic. Once again. I’m getting used to this.

So who was hot and who was not (Flames-wise?): Iggy showed up for the first two period, Kipprusof was great, except for on the 3rd Red Wing goal. Giordano and Hagman also played well for the first two periods. Then like the rest of the team – tried to kill the remaining 10 minutes of the game.

Submit your thoughts on who should stay and who should go? Everyone seems to have an answer, so let’s hear yours!

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Flames 7 – Blackhawks 2

20 Nov

Even though the Flames scored seven times, and Iggy got a hat trick – I can’t help but think this was the horrible play of Chicago that caused the win. Yes the Flames had energy, but the Hawks turned the puck over time and time again.

Is anyone else losing faith in Kiprusoff as well? Without him, what do we have?

Anyway, I was happy to finally see the Flames beat the Blackhawks, and it was good to see Iginla actually smiling on the bench. It’s been a long time.


Coyotes 3 – Flames 1

18 Nov

The Flames put in a solid 20 minutes in this game, but couldn’t score. And once they got scored on – which was a shot from the goal line that Kiprusoff never should have let in – the team kinda fell apart. Again.

So the Flames are 3-7 in their last 10 games and they sit at three games under 500 right now. Remember that they were eight games over 500 when they missed the playoffs last year.

At least on this night Iggy was noticeable. It’s sad that it’s taken him 17 games this season to get to a point where you notice him.


Flames trade Ian White

17 Nov

The Calgary Flames announced today the acquisition of defenseman Anton Babchuk and right winger Tom Kostopoulos from the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for defenseman Ian White and left winger Brett Sutter.

What the?!? Okay, let’s look at this logically.

We lose Ian White:

  • This year (which is the last year of his contract) he will make $3M
  • He is 26 old
  • This season he has 2 goals, 4 assists and is a minus 10
  • Height: 5-10 Weight: 195lbs

We lose Brett Sutter:

  • He makes $500,000 (on a two-way contract)
  • He is 23
  • In four games this year is has one assist
  • Height: 6-0 Weight: 192lbs

We gain Anton Babchuk:

  • This year (which is the last year of his contract) he will make $1.4M
  • He is 26
  • This season he has 3 goals, 5 assists and is a minus 4
  • Height: 6-5 Weight: 212lbs

We gain Tom Kostopoulos:

  • He makes $1.1M
  • He is 31 (oh good, we just got collectively older)
  • In 17 games this season, he has 1 goal and 3 assists
  • Height: 6-0 Weight: 200lbs

Okay, so the White for Babchuk trade is a wash. Sutter wasn’t doing anything here, and Kostopoulos will likely do nothing just as well as Sutter did.

Now Brett gets to play with Brandon, I wonder if the Canes will take Brent, Darryl and Duane as well?

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