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Flames 5 – Oilers 4 (Shootout)

27 Oct

Flames were up 4-1 late in the second period when they started to sit back a bit, which allowed the Oilers to come back in the third to tie it at four. This was a pretty entertaining game all around, it had a few fights, a few nice goals and a few nice saves. Overtime solved nothing and Tanguay ended up being the only one to score in the shootout. I think both Calgary and Edmonton fans walked away from this one at least partially satisfied.

The reason why the Flames won? They dominated the second half of the first and 19:50 of the second period. And Edmonton was coughing up the puck left and right.

The reason why they almost didn’t win? After a late goal in the second, the Flames stopped pursuing the puck and starting chasing it.

I thought that Taylor Hall should have had a penalty when Giordano flattened him. Hall left his feet to hit Gio but because Hall was the one on the ice afterwards there was no call. Is it Gio’s fault that Hall is 14 years old and weighs 110 lbs? I don’t think so.