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Flames 4 – Sharks 0

24 Oct

After flying out with a four-goal first period I remembered the game not so long ago against Chicago. When the Flames were up 4-0 early, and my first thought was… uh oh, the Hawks have enough time to come back in this one. While that was the case (time-wise) tonight, there wasn’t that same sense of dread.

The bounces went the Flames’ way, no question. Because the last few games that they’ve won they didn’t have nearly the same amount of shots as they did in their first three games of the season – and they have fared much better as of late. Bourque has six goals in his last three games to become the hottest player in the NHL (and without several teeth no less!), and Kipper has looked good in the start of this season. I guess they are covering for the likes of Jokinen, Iggy and Jay Bouwmeester – who still looks bad in a 4-0 trouncing of San Jose.

So I’m no mathamagician, but if the Sharks beat Edmonton 6-1 yesterday, and the Flames beat San Jose 4-0 today, and the Flames play the Oilers on Tuesday, the score of that game should be 10-1 for Calgary. I am totally going to PVR that.