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Flames 3 – Kings 1

10 Oct

The Flames won their home opener… hallelujah. But they lost another guy – Pardy – to a shoulder injury.

Here is who was good:

  • Glencross
  • Jokinen (seriously!)
  • Kiprusoff (as always)
  • Meyers (Jamal?)
  • Jackman (great fourth line game)
  • Conroy (not just because he scored)

Here is who was not:

  • Bouwmeester

And here is who’s injured:

But the Flames won, so that is all that matters. And I enjoyed it more because of the Peter Loubardias drinking game. I’ll share the rules as soon as I can find them, but the gist of is it this… drink when Peter references ‘time and space.’ Stephen Hawking would be proud.