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Flames allow ad space on practice jerseys

05 Oct

I have to quote Bill Daly on this, it’s genius:

“With regard to ads on uniforms, the whole business area of sports evolves over time. People in this room probably remember a time when there was no advertising on dasher boards, and now there is. So things change.

“We have not taken the step of allowing clubs to advertise on their game uniforms at this point. We did enact a new policy — and I do think we’re a little behind the other sports leagues in doing this — to allow clubs to sell advertising on their practice jerseys.

“But we are not actively considering changing that rule, at least at this point. But who knows what the future might hold.”

So for the record. Things change, and we cannot predict the future. YET!

I’m going to throw out the who the hell cares card, because —¬†other than in preseason — can anyone remember a photo of a player in his practice jersey?