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Capitals 7 – Flames 2

31 Oct


Not since the Flames – Blackhawks game have I ever seen such a monumental meltdown. The kicker is the Flames actually were leading 2-0 in the first period. No two-goal lead has ever been blown so hard, with seven unanswered goals, including two goals in 12 seconds by Ovechkin, and Cory Sarich scoring into his own net.

Not like it matters at all, but the officiating in this game was horrendous. Iginla gets tripped in front of the net and it’s called goaltender interference. Tanguay gets called for hooking while attempting a one-handed stick check. Once the game was out of hand the refs wouldn’t call anything against the Flames – which is when they deserved the penalties the most. I guess the refs felt sorry for them by that point.

And I know that I say this after every late-night CBC game, but Kevin Weeks is THE WORST colour guy I’ve ever had the misfortune of listening too. The ONLY thing worse than listening to his comments (which must be describing another game because they aren’t even close to relevant to what’s going on in front of him) is the brutal play-by-play call of Mark Lee. These two make Peter Loubardias (Sportsnet) sound melodic and Glenn Healy (TSN/CBC/unemployed) seem nothing short of genius.

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Avalanche 6 – Flames 5 – Giordano signs long term contract

29 Oct

Well if that wasn’t a backup goalie duel, I don’t know what was.The Colorado Avalanche outshot Calgary 36-19, Peter Budaj gave up 5 goals on 19 shots – and the Flames lost! So if you’re out there Gary Bettman, the secret of getting high-scoring games is putting in sucky goaltenders.

Mark Giordano, was to become an unrestricted agent this summer, has signed a 5-year contract extension. The deal is worth $20.1 million, an average of $4.02 million a year. So that would potentially add $3M to a team that is already over the cap, once players start returning from injuries. The trades, they are a-comin’

You know what is awesome? The Brendan Morrison is outscoring the entire Vancouver Canucks team – with the exception of the Sedin sisters.

David Moss is also close to returning, it could be as early as Saturday against Washington.

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Flames 5 – Oilers 4 (Shootout)

27 Oct

Flames were up 4-1 late in the second period when they started to sit back a bit, which allowed the Oilers to come back in the third to tie it at four. This was a pretty entertaining game all around, it had a few fights, a few nice goals and a few nice saves. Overtime solved nothing and Tanguay ended up being the only one to score in the shootout. I think both Calgary and Edmonton fans walked away from this one at least partially satisfied.

The reason why the Flames won? They dominated the second half of the first and 19:50 of the second period. And Edmonton was coughing up the puck left and right.

The reason why they almost didn’t win? After a late goal in the second, the Flames stopped pursuing the puck and starting chasing it.

I thought that Taylor Hall should have had a penalty when Giordano flattened him. Hall left his feet to hit Gio but because Hall was the one on the ice afterwards there was no call. Is it Gio’s fault that Hall is 14 years old and weighs 110 lbs? I don’t think so.


Flames 4 – Sharks 0

24 Oct

After flying out with a four-goal first period I remembered the game not so long ago against Chicago. When the Flames were up 4-0 early, and my first thought was… uh oh, the Hawks have enough time to come back in this one. While that was the case (time-wise) tonight, there wasn’t that same sense of dread.

The bounces went the Flames’ way, no question. Because the last few games that they’ve won they didn’t have nearly the same amount of shots as they did in their first three games of the season – and they have fared much better as of late. Bourque has six goals in his last three games to become the hottest player in the NHL (and without several teeth no less!), and Kipper has looked good in the start of this season. I guess they are covering for the likes of Jokinen, Iggy and Jay Bouwmeester – who still looks bad in a 4-0 trouncing of San Jose.

So I’m no mathamagician, but if the Sharks beat Edmonton 6-1 yesterday, and the Flames beat San Jose 4-0 today, and the Flames play the Oilers on Tuesday, the score of that game should be 10-1 for Calgary. I am totally going to PVR that.


Flames 6 – Blue Jackets 2

23 Oct

I thought it was a pretty complete game from everyone, including Flame backup Henrik Karlsson. Although Columbus didn’t muster much in the way of shots, and it seems like every shot the Flames made in the first period beat Mason. It’s nice to be on the winning side of those bad goals.

Niklas Hagman has really impressed me this season, it just seams like he wants to play and he wants to win. Compared with the play of others who are letting their reputation carry their weight around, Hagman is actually moving his feet and hands quicker than the opposition. Something that Bourque did this game as well, and it was nice to see him get a hat trick with 5 seconds left.

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Wings 4 – Flames 2

21 Oct

This one has got to fall on Jokinen’s shoulders. In what looked like an easy exit of the Flames’ zone, Jokinen decided to try some move that ended up turning over the puck and resulted in the Wing’s game-winning goal.

Smilin' Olli

Smilin' Olli

You’ve got to be used to this Flames fans, Jokinen has been losing games for us for quite some time now.

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Flames 1 – Predators 0 (in overtime)

20 Oct

Bourque is back. After missing the previous two games because of what is now called a concussion, Bourque scored in overtime to make Miikka Kiprusoff’s night complete. Kipper stopped 34 shots for his first shutout of the season.

Other news to note, T.J. Brodie was sent to the AHL Abbotsford Heat – which I don’t think is much of a surprise to anyone.

Flames claimed another defenseman – Brendan Mikkelson – off waivers from the Anaheim Ducks. Because of the injury to Pardy, the Flames were left with only 8 defensemen, which is clearly not enough according to the Sutter brain trust. Mikkelson was drafted 31st overall by the Ducks in 2005.

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Flames players FAIL in the most important aspect of community involvement

19 Oct

I was very disappointed to hear that the Flames players didn’t take the time to cast ballots in the municipal election. Granted some may have, but all the information we’ve heard is a story in the Herald today with some comments from both Jarome Iginla and Cory Sarich.

“I probably won’t vote just because I’m not organized today,” Sarich said.

Iginla stated, “I’ve voted in the past but unfortunately I don’t know if I’ll be able to make this one.”

Now before you say that you don’t care what hockey players think, that Cory Sarich is too unorganized to get dressed for games (oooh, seventh defenseman burn!) and Iginla is too nice a guy to upset those who will lose the race, have a gander at this statement from (italics added by me)

“The original mandate of the Flames ownership group 29 years ago, that is still prominent today, was to ensure that the Calgary Flames would make a positive impact on the quality of life for all Calgarians. The Flames look to create programs that constantly meet the needs of our dynamic community. The entire Flames family understands the importance of taking an active role in the community.”

Come on guys, the advance polls were open for something like two weeks before election day yesterday. You can’t set aside 10 minutes on your way home from practice to cast a ballot? That is not the way role models should act, shame. (yes, you’re role models, deal with it).

And not to beat a dead horse, but I’m going to anyway… the Calgary Flames organization somehow manages to jump the line when it comes to H1N1 shots, but can’t organize a carpool over to an advanced polling station?

I’m waiting for the story from the Flames to say that 50% of their players did vote, which is a reflection of the overall voter turnout, and I’ll change my opinion. And it could be worse, Stampeder coach John Hufnagel said that he “didn’t take the time” because the Stamps play “three games in 12 days.”


Calgary Flames current line combinations updated

18 Oct

Although these seem to change every game, because of such things like injuries and Olli Jokinen, I’ve posted the most-recent (Oct 18) line combinations for the Flames before they go on the road for three games. You’re welcome poolies.

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Flames 5 – Oilers 3

17 Oct

The early season line-juggling didn’t seem to be working early on in this one. It seemed like the Flames were destined to lose another game in which they out-shoot their opponents, yet get scored on at a critical moment to have the life – and luck – instantly sucked out of them.

I mean really, when is the last time you’ve seen anyone score with his eyeball? It was really good to see Ian White return to the game after that, I’m not sure our insurance will cover many more players.

I read somewhere that Curtis Glencross was the best Flame so far this year, and that continued Saturday vs. Edmonton. Iginla, as an example, didn’t show up to this game until the third period. The third line for the Flames has been their best, with the fourth not far behind. Glencross, Sutter, Meyers, Jackman, all have done everything that is expected of them, and then some.

Brent Sutter made a change moving Matt Stajan to center on the top line with Iginla and Tanguay and dropping Olli Jokinen to the second line with Brendan Morrison and Nicklas Hagman. Hopefully this sticks, Jokinen and Iginla cannot play together. Everyone but the Sutters realize that.

Medical Watch:

LW Rene Bourque(notes) (head) was injured Oct. 10 and is out indefinitely.

D Adam Pardy(notes) (dislocated shoulder) was injured Oct. 10 and is out indefinitely.

LW Raitis Ivanans(notes) (head) was hurt in the season-opener Oct. 7 and is being listed as day-to-day. He is starting physical exercise, the first step back.

C Daymond Langkow(notes) (neck) was placed on the long-term injury list. He hasn’t recovered from the March 21 injury he suffered last season when hit by a puck in the spine. He remains out indefinitely.

RW Ales Kotalik(notes) (knee) was hurt Oct. 1 and is expected to miss the first month from an injury suffered. He was placed on the long-term injury list.

RW David Moss(notes) (shoulder) was hurt Oct. 1 and is out upwards of a month. He has been skating.