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Why T.J. Brodie is the key to Kotalik’s future

27 Sep

Think about it, if T.J. Brodie gives the Flames brass no reason to send him down to the AHL, then there will be no room for an overpriced defenceman. For now, let’s call that guy Cory Sarich. Now Sarich is making $3.6M this year, which happens to be $600,000 more than teammate Ales Kotalik. If Kotalik can once again (god help us) convince Sutter that he is an NHLer, then Brodie helped Daryl clear up nearly $3M for Ales.

However, the Flames are still over the cap (by just over $2M) so something further will have to be done.

In other news… and then there were 35. Matt Keetley, John Negrin and Keith Seabrook are the latest sent to Abbotsford.


Just 10 more sleeps until hockey starts!

27 Sep

Can’t you just feel it? Summer is over (thank god) and the hockey season is upon us. The Flames open this year in Edmonton on Oct 7 at 9:00 (MST). Nine? I can’t even stay awake that late. Stupid schedule.

I don’t think I’m going out on too great a limb here when I say that the Hall-led, Souray-less, Oiler Young Guns (backed by an alchololic goaltender no less) shouldn’t be much of a match for Calgary. And that ain’t saying much about either team. You know I’m right.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I need to go call Shaw to order Sportsnet ONE.

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