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Reasons why the Jay Feaster hiring is a tad late…

09 Jul

So Sutter is slowly on the way out as Flames GM, and the first indication of that is the hiring of his eventual replacement.

Or is it?

Perhaps this has been coming for a while and Sutter has been intentionally toileting this team so he can go back to the farm and not have to deal with the media any more. Can’t you just see that upcoming honorary Mensa membership in those eyes?

Darryl Sutter

Darryl Sutter tries to divide by zero.

Perhaps not. But no one can deny that his was a great GM. Now he just needs an assistant to keep him from doing certain Darryl Sutter-type things.

Let’s instead focus on what an Assistant GM does. Provide coffee and advice to the Master GM? Maybe it’d be fun (and painful) to jot down the top bits of advice that Feaster would have provided to Sutter, if he were actually around to do so.

“Actually Sutts, I think $3M for Kotalik is a bit steep.”

“I don’t think he still even owns a concrete business Darryl, why would you think to exchange 9 yards for a tryout?”

“Darryl, your brother Gary called again. I told him you tried but there just isn’t space in the payroll right now.”

“No Sutter No! That’s the same Jokinen you just got rid of!”

“Hey, wanna see my 2004 Stanley Cup ring?”

But as they say, better late than never! And and least there someone in the office to keep Darryl from trading players for magic beans.


Who’s Brandon Gormley?

08 Jul

Remember this name: Brandon Gormley. This is the first round pick that Calgary gave up to get Olli Jokinen, which they then traded to New York only to resign less than a year later.

If Brandon Gormley turns out to be a star (which he will), the already-foul Jokinen deal will turn that much raunchier.


Sutter regurgitates a lineup

06 Jul

Okay fans, you hate that Sutter brought back the You-Must-Be Jokinen first line centre that we fell in love with in 8 games. Then despised over the next 8. And the 8 after that. And 8 after that. And that.

But you probably don’t mind the Tanguay pickup, $1.7M. I mean, I’ll almost make that… over the course of my career.

I invite you to have a look at the Calgary Flames proposed lineup, as it stands right now and tell me what you think.

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Free agent frenzy!

01 Jul


  • Olli Jokinen – $3M/year for two years. “I was a little surprised to get a call from Darryl today,” Jokinen said during a conference call. “When I heard what he had to say, then there were no other options. I wanted to come back.” Yeah… I want to hear what he said too. Or at least what he was thinkin’
  • Alex Tanguay – $1.7M for one year. Let’s see the list of other 1.7M players… Huskins, Kent; Jokinen, Jussi; LaRose, Chad; Dvorak, Radek; and Walker, Matt. I guess I’d take Tanguay over any of those guys. Maybe not Jussi Jokinen.
  • Henrik Karlsson – Will back up Miikka Kiprusoff this year. Swedish Elite… never heard of him.
  • Logan MacMillan – Acquired from the Ducks for Jason Jaffray. Not Elite at all, and never heard of him.


  • Nigel Dawes – Flames bought out his contract
  • Eric Nystrom – Signed by the Wild
  • Ales Kotalik – Cleared waivers and will play in Abbottsford

Players who are now unrestricted free agents (open to anyone):

  • Craig Conroy
  • Chris Higgins
  • Jamal Mayers
  • Brian McGrattan
  • Andy Delmore
  • Vesa Toskala
  • Carsen Germyn
  • Brad Cole
  • Garth Murray
  • Colin Stuart
  • David van der Gulik
  • Brett Palin

Restricted free agents (Flames can match any outside offer):

  • Kris Chucko
  • Brett Sutter
  • J.D. Watt
  • Gord Baldwin
  • Matt PelechIan White
  • Matt Keetley

More thoughts once I have time to digest.

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