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Spezza to the Flames?

28 Jun

I think this is best squashed with this, there is no market for a $7 million player with five years remaining on his contract. Unless of course Ottawa will take guys like Kotalik and Sarich as a trade.

Actually yeah, that’s totally possible Kotalik, Sarich and let’s say… Dave Shantz to the Senators for Jason Spezza.

Done and done. It’s a lock.

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Flames do nothing at the draft

28 Jun


No news isn’t necessarily good news since the Flames have little left but shrapnel (useless chunks that usually become pains in the ass) from the Phaneuf and Jokinen trade. If one of the Sutters doesn’t sign Ian White by Thursday I’m not sure if they are trying to put together a winning team for 2011 or not.