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Sutter pulls his foot out of his mouth long enough to say something stupid

29 Jun

So just days after Kotalik being paid $6M to sit on his behind Sutter does and says something like this:

“The biggest reason we have made trades at the draft and before July 1 is that I think that July 1 is a day that players get overpaid,” said Sutter.

Again, Kotalik will be playing in the minors for two years at SIX MILLION DOLLARS!

Maybe it’s time to get rid of Sutter, really it is. Didn’t everyone and their dog react the same when this overpaid puffball was brought over in the Holy you-gotta-be Jokinen deal? Well finally it’s over… and it only cost the Flames $6M – hopefully that will be garnished from Mr. Sutter’s wages.

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Spezza to the Flames?

28 Jun

I think this is best squashed with this, there is no market for a $7 million player with five years remaining on his contract. Unless of course Ottawa will take guys like Kotalik and Sarich as a trade.

Actually yeah, that’s totally possible Kotalik, Sarich and let’s say… Dave Shantz to the Senators for Jason Spezza.

Done and done. It’s a lock.

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Flames do nothing at the draft

28 Jun


No news isn’t necessarily good news since the Flames have little left but shrapnel (useless chunks that usually become pains in the ass) from the Phaneuf and Jokinen trade. If one of the Sutters doesn’t sign Ian White by Thursday I’m not sure if they are trying to put together a winning team for 2011 or not.


2010-11 regular season schedule

22 Jun

The Calgary Flames announced today their 2010-11 regular season schedule. Calgary starts off the ’10-‘11 campaign on the road with the “Battle of Alberta” against divisional rival Edmonton Oilers on Thursday, October 7th. The Flames have their home opener on Sunday, October 10th as they host the Los Angeles Kings.

The game we will all be waiting for is on February 20th – the Heritage Classic against the Canadiens – at 4:00 pm at McMahan Stadium.

The complete television schedule will be released in August.

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2010 Pre-season!

18 Jun

The Calgary Flames pre-season starts Tuesday, September 21st against the Vancouver Canucks with home-and-home games.

The Flames will play a total of seven pre-season games (4 x home / 3 x away) against the Edmonton Oilers (2), Vancouver Canucks (2), New York Islanders (1), Phoenix Coyotes (1) and the Tampa Bay Lightning (1).

  • Sept. 21 Vs. Vancouver 7pm Pengrowth Saddledome
  • Sept. 21 @ Vancouver 8pm General Motors Place
  • Sept. 25 Vs. Tampa Bay 7pm Pengrowth Saddledome
  • Sept. 28 Vs. Phoenix 7pm Pengrowth Saddledome
  • Sept. 29 @ New York Islanders 7pm Credit Union Centre/Saskatoon
  • Oct. 1 @ Edmonton 7pm Rexall Place
  • Oct. 3 Vs. Edmonton TBA Pengrowth Saddledome

The hunt for a backup is on

10 Jun

Sutter (I don’t even care which one anymore) confirmed that $4M backup Vesa (Hey I can score too!) Toskala will not be returning. Yes Darryl, we assumed that.

So who do we look at know? Thoughts are that maybe Leland Irving may be ready to make the leap. But I doubt it, since I assume they are grooming him to be a starter. Matt Keetley is on option, but not as promising of one as David Shantz. Shantz carried the Heat of Abbotsford last year in the AHL, and is pretty likely to amount to an NHL backup. Why not now? The price is certainly right.

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