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What’s with this site?

31 May

This site has been around for the last seven seasons, 2003/04 preseason was the beginning of my ramblings to no one and I’ve been posting after every game since.

I’ve had a lot of trouble this year after my site was hacked (yes, someone has even more free time than I) so I’ve decided to go in a new direction. I’ve switched to WordPress… mainly because I’ve been running a blog without blogging software for several years and that didn’t seem right.

Over those years I’ve noticed that people come to this site for three things:

  • What really happened in the last game. The coaches say one thing, the media another, but it’s all the same. I saw the last game, and I’ll tell you what I thought. This is the home page (blog) that is
  • Who is sucking, and who earns their paycheque. This is the current roster with my thoughts added because I can. This is the Current roster page.
  • Who is playing with who. I assume because a lot of people come because of fantasy hockey. Guys (and maybe even a gal or two) that don’t know the team, but need a good sleeper pick. This is the Current line combinations page.


That’s about it for now, as I play with WordPress I’ll try to update the look a bit. But the best part is now people can comment themselves, and not have to email me their absolutely stupid comments directly.  That’s a win for me!


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